Families in 1700s to mid 1800s

Lockie, nee Goddard, and Ms. The Masons favoured the male names George and Thomas in alternating generations throughout the sand later added the names Robert and Amos as well as Henry and John the latter two possibly legacies from a posited marriage with the Fletcher family.

The eighteenth century male Wilds at Stoney preferred the names Abraham, Henry, Robert, and Thomas; nineteenth century male Wilds were frequently called James and William.

Furness families were ubiquitous in the area, occurring in Calver and in parts of the parish of Hope in addition to the lines shared by the family at Eyam, Foolow, Stoney Middleton, Great Longstone, Tideswell, and Chesterfield.

Other Frost families were at Wardlow, Grindlow, and Calver—it is unclear how all these families were related if at all though the later Frosts at Calver appear to descend from those at Great Longstone and Wardlow. The Ashtons, partial to the names Robert and Benjamin, left Stoney Middleton for other properties by the start of the s.

Later Swift women were also called Fanny, Hannah, and Ann. Life in the s Everyone in your family tree was young once, but childhood today is very different from what it was a century or more ago. Young women could follow their leadings for a time before marriage, as part of lifelong singleness, or when widowed.

The poor did not have schooling as most children do today. The Ashtons, partial to the names Robert and Benjamin, left Stoney Middleton for other properties by the start of the s. Careful records of witnesses were kept in hope that courts would recognize the marriage and the legitimacy of the children in it, thus avoiding challenges to inheritance.

Several branches of Olivers were baptised and buried at Stoney Middleton. The Frosts were present at Stoney from the s and lasted in the male line through the mids. The Quaker community developed like a large extended family.

Founding Families A note of disclosure: Several lines of Gregorys settled in Stoney Middleton in the s, the most prominent of which featured men with the name Joshua.

The overall goal is to determine localities in the British Isles where each Banks family originated. The colorful Townsend family, who came from Bretton, and whose female line descendants included an infamous granddaughter in Hannah Baddaley, descended from the very early Furness family at Eyam, and they intermarried with the Marshall and Unwin families.

Anne Paling Lawson is probably the premier and most-published Pidcock researcher to date. This writer has also done extensive Thornhill research. Later nineteenth century Wilds at Stoney were descended from a line of Wild cousins who had stayed longer in Calver before coming to Stoney.

Men in the family favoured the names George, William, Joseph, and Benjamin. For example in England, pick pockets would be punished by having their fingers or hands cut off.

Looking at the chart many married couples had children one after another. At least one branch also used the surname Lucas and were descended from the Froggatt family of the hamlet of the same name.

What did kids do for chores back then? Hannah survived when her skirts billowed out around her and served as a sort of parachute; she miraculously had no life-threatening injuries. Benjamin Goddard married Dorothy Thornhill and founded a prolific family of limeburners, gritstone quarriers, and publicans at Stoney Middleton.

Early Quaker Families, 1650–1800

Several families need another sample for better verification of the profile. Women were often called Ann, Elizabeth, and Gertrude. What was life really like in the early 's?

Life in the 1800s

Siddalls continued in male line at Stoney Middleton into the late s and were part of an enormous network of Siddalls in Hathersage, Stoney Middleton, Eyam, Grindleford and Goatscliffe, Curbar, and Baslow all of whom descended from three of the four marriages of long-lived and prolific Godfrey Siddall of the parish of Hathersage in the last half of the s.

In the process, they learned values like industry, honesty, and thrift. The girls would also be taught the basics but they would go to finishing schools to learn how to be proper women when they grew up.

Gwen Brunt Bennett of Australia has done arguably the best treatment of this family to date, and this writer has also done much work on the Bennetts.

The Families of the 1700s – incomers who stayed

They intermarried and continued on in the Gregory family at Calver, among other lines. From the family tree it seemed uncommon for a married couple to wait a year or two years later to have children; which is really different compare to today because many marry couples wait at least three years to have children.

Froggatts continued at Stoney Middleton into the early s."Old Pictures of Families " "family photos of the s | Photograph of Dolley Madison & Her Niece Anna Payne." "Siblings from the s" s Dresses, Vintage Dresses, Kids Wear, Baby Shoes, Paper Dolls, Children S, Vintage Antiques, Halloween Costumes, Sewing Projects "All things mid century." "Looking for Snapshots" "s.

(3) Early-modern England suffered from high infant mortality by the standards of the modern Western World. One in every three or four children born died before the age of 15, and the first year was the most dangerous.

Early Quaker Families, – By Marilyn Dell Brady on June 1, As the Religious Society of Friends emerged out of the chaos of the English Civil War in the s, Quakers’ actions and words challenged their society.

American Colonial Life in the Late s: Distant Cousins. This lesson introduces students to American colonial life and has them compare the daily life and culture of two different colonies in the late s.

Life in the s Everyone in your family tree was young once, but childhood today is very different from what it was a century or more ago. Before the Victorian era, children as young as 6 or 8 years old might work in a mill or factory, they might run errands and make deliveries for a store keeper, they may be apprenticed to a skilled.

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Families in 1700s to mid 1800s
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